Silent Killers

You probably read the title with a confused face, and now you are wondering what "Silent Killers" are. Silent killers are things like doubt, fear, comparison, low self-esteem, rejection, and generational curses, to name a few. Does any of this ring a bell to you? How many silent killers have killed your dreams or kept you stuck?
In the next few months, I pray my OhSoWorthy family will experience a season of becoming unstuck!
Silent Killers hold us back from so much in life. For example, I had this post written for weeks, and every time I wanted to post it, I could not. The devil was trying me hard and getting in my head with my silent killers. I kept allowing myself to believe it wasn't good enough.
Maybe that is you, the Lord has been giving you something, but you keep holding yourself back. You allow social media, doubt, fear(s), people, and other silent killers to stop you. What God has for YOU, not even your silent killers can stop that!


God has a plan for your life. Stop asking for the "prayer" and create your prayer with God! Stop trying to make yourself fit into a puzzle God didn't create for you.
Stop allowing the devil to whisper in your ear with your silent killers and start calling him out! Let him know that God has His hands over your life.
I want everyone reading this to stop right now, to tell the devil he is a lie and you will NO LONGER welcome him or silent killers in your life.
It is time to start fighting back with scripture and prayer. It is one thing to say all of this, but we must begin BELIEVING the words we speak! That's when we will see the change.
What "Silent Killers" do you need to get rid of to become unstuck?
Dear God, Silent Killers are no longer welcome in my life. I am walking in purpose! When the devil starts to put thoughts in my mind, please remind me of your promises. You said you would never leave me nor forsake me. I am no longer just speaking these things but believing with my heart. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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