No More Wandering

Does anybody else feel like last year went by super fast? In 2019 I felt like I did a lot of ”wandering."
Last year the children of Israel were on my mind, HEAVY! When the children of Israel were wandering around for 40 years, the Promise Land was right there. The thing with the children of Israel was they didn't trust God entirely. Many of them wanted to do their own thing. Sound like someone you know?
We pray for something & tell God we trust Him, but when He isn't moving fast enough, we try to help Him. Sometimes we even cut Him off and do our own thing. How many times last year were you wandering or leaving God when all you had to do was let Him lead? Just like the children of Israel, we are people of little faith & miss the Promise Land. This year I pray we ALL stop wandering & completely trust God.
I don't know about y'all, but I'm tired of roaming around without God. I'm tired of being in the way. I'm tired of distractions. I'm tired of little faith. I'm tired of going the long way when God is trying to show me a better way.
This year I want God to lead me wherever He will call me. I want the same for you too. This year OhSoWorthy will concentrate on two words, ”Refocus and Removal.”
I want us to Refocus on God & Remove the distractions. It's time we experience God like never before! Y’all ready?
Dear God, Wow, thank you for being kind to us. Thank you for the love, grace & mercy you continue to show us. I pray this year instead of getting in the way we learn to step to the side & let YOU lead. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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